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White Paper Submission

We encourage white papers from academia, industry, community partners, and municipalities. Accepted white papers will be included in a booklet at ISSCEI 2023.

White paper instructions:

  • Two pages max (including graphics)

  • Summarize the project objectives

  • Describe smart city technology

  • Anticipated impact - how project deployment is expected to improve quality of life

  • Discuss some potential challenges

  • Collaboration opportunities -what are you looking for to strengthen or scale your project?

Please use this Google Docs template, but make your own copy. You will have to submit your white paper via this link. 

To the "Smart Campus Campaign - SCC" teams: you need to register for SCC first and then submit a white paper for each team here and then prepare a poster (template here) for your presentation (if your paper is selected to present at the poster session of ISSCEI). Any questions, please contact Dr. Anh Thu Nguyen for more information: 0905 023 049.

***Note: Workshop attendance is open and on a first-come basis.  White papers are optional and used to identify speakers/ organize program sessions. 

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